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26 May 2021 – The target population for the health workers, senior citizens, adults with comorbidities and essential workers to be vaccinated has upped to 52,625 from the 43,758 as to pre-registration figures on May 25.

This was based on pre-registrants at the website of the city government.

There was also an addition of 11,581 Sinovac to the 45,900 Sinovac and AstraZeneca vaccines for a total of 58,231, of which 45,167 were administered as of said date.   

A wastage of 112 vaccines, or 0.19% was however reported.

Said information is a concurrence of DOH personnel and Health Services Office including Physician Khecy-Manuel Colas, Risk Management Officer Cecil Agpawa, as supervised by HSO head Rowena Galpo.

For Sinovac, 31,240 first and second doses were administered, with AZ’s 13, 382 and 545, first and second dose given to health workers, senior citizens, adults with comorbidities and essential workers.

As per vaccination priority, 13,085 health workers (A1) were vaccinated with the first dose, while 7,390 had the second dose, with Sinovac and AZ brands.

For A2 or senior citizens in the priority list, there were 13,526 who had the first dose while 2,238 completed the two doses from the 30,599 targeted population.

For adults with comorbidities (A3) with a target population of 6,500; there were 6,943 (or 106.82%) who had the first dose, with 1,508 who were administered the second jab.

Three hundred eighty (380) bedridden individuals for vaccination shall be serviced by the mobile vaccination team, composed of a physician, a nurse, personnel and standby vehicle. According to HSO Nurse Sonia Insas in a media forum, the vaccination team started vaccinating with pre-registered bedridden persons.         

For the A4 or essential workers, 2,093 are counted for immunization with additions as pre-registration goes on.

For vaccination running totals as of dates, 29, 637 were vaccinated for first and second dose as of May 12 and a total of 31,935 vaccinated individuals on May 14. On May 18 and 19, numbers climbed from totals of 33,892 to 36,954; and from the 38,931 vaccinated on May 20; 2,758 were added for a total of 41,689 vaccinated individuals as of May 21.

Sinovac is administered 28 days apart while the second dose of Astrazeneca is given from within 10 to 12 weeks apart; thus the schedules of the jabs in the four venues: University of Baguio gym, Saint Louis University gym, SLU Inc. at St. Vincent, and SM parking area.

Schedules are posted at the Baguio City Health Services Office facebook page, while vaccination registration is at

Priority for vaccination are the following: health workers, senior citizens, adults with comorbidities, working sector, indigent sector, teachers and social workers, other government and essential workers, those at high risk, overseas foreign workers, and the rest of the population. – Julie G. Fianza with reports from CHSO