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Gotad Ad Ifugao

Ifugao Governor Denis Habawel during the Kapihan at the Philippine Information Agency (PIA) last week, extended invitation for all those interested to witness the preparatory and main events of “Gotad Ad Ifugao.”

Those who wish to be reconnected to or educated with Ifugao ways and culture, or simply curious are welcome, Habawel said.

“Gotad” is an Ifugao term for celebration, or large gathering for thanksgiving.

The Gotad is celebrated simultaneously with the 50th founding anniversary of the province and focused on the transition of culture from the older to the younger generation, as announced by Habawel, Provincial Administrator Atty. Evelyn Dunuan and Planning and Development Officer Carmelita Buyuccan. In general, the celebration is for “people, culture and progress.”

Preparatory events; festivals in the different municipalities include the vegetable culinary arts festival at Tinoc on April 12; woodcarving festival at Hungduan on April 14; native dance at Hingyon on April 28; rice wine, April 20 in Asipulo; weaving, April 28 in Banaue. Other festivals are the “Igkhumtad ad Majawjaw,” in Mayoyao; and “Hudhud,” in Kiangan on May 1 to 3.
Noticeably however are the interspersed young generation-focused activities including the pre-Gotad event, biking event through rugged and mountainous terrain, ending at the Capitol Plaza, Lagawe, on June 11.

On June 12 a Gotad thanksgiving mass is celebrated, 8 AM at the St. Mary Magdalene Church, with an interfaith program, 6PM at the LCS gymnasium. Blessings from Ifugao deity Maknongan is acknowledged on these occasions, it was known.

The next day, a civic parade and opening program is scheduled at 8:00AM at the Capitol Plaza. The indigenous culinary arts competition opens at 10 AM; the Overseas Foreign Worker forum is at 2PM, with the grand Gotad ball at 7PM. The last event is a formal affair for dance enthusiasts.

The agri-industrial trade fair opens on June 14 with a statistical extravaganza and photo exhibit; performing arts winner exhibition, demonstration of ethnic skills winners and judging of “Baya” entries in the afternoon; and search for Bugan ya Wigan (Mr. and Miss) di Gotad 2016; pre-pageant night. The statistical extravaganza features details on the current development of Ifugao.

On June 15, the Lagawe Central School gym is the venue for the public services; jobs fair, Professional Regulations Commission (PRC) licensing and free legal services; as the “Mundakdak and Muntuknul,” school of living traditions. The DBHS auditorium is host to the film showing of Ifugao History, followed by the Ifugao development symposium at the Ifugao Native Village; and the Musical Cultural Theatre Festival at the Lagawe Central School Gym.

A marathon with participants in G-string starts early in the morning of June 16, timed with arrival at 8 AM to open the cultural sports competition at the public plaza. The cultural ethnic sports competition includes thebultong, kayyatan, guyyudan, uggub, hinnukting, cabba/labba race, kadang-kadang, akkad and batawil race. The Ungut race may also be participated in by children. The jobs fair and PRC licensing continues for the day. The coronation of Bugan ya Wigan happens in the evening.

On June 17, the float contest with competing Local Government Units and an open category starts at 8 AM. A quiz bee on Ifugao culture and history is conducted starting at 1PM, with a cultural extravaganza for each municipality at the public plaza at 6PM.

On the final festival day, June 18, a cultural parade with a grand Gotad program is conducted at national highway to the public plaza. The Punhidaan or community lunch is served for the communities to partake.
The theme for this celebration is “Haggiyo, Ifugao!” – juliegfianza