City Fire Station - FAQ (Frequently Asked Questions)


Where do I get my fire certificate?

At the Baguio City Fire Station, across the City Hall and Justice Hall.

How much am I going to pay?

The amount of Fire Code Fee is dependent on the regulatory fees stated in your assessment. Kindly bring your assessment at the fire station for the fire code fee to be assessed.

Can I get my fire certificate immediately?

That is dependent on your compliance with the set standards on fire safety. The more compliant your business and less fire-hazards observed during inspection, your fire certificate will be released the soonest.

I came to have my fire extinguisher refilled.

Our office do not offer such services. You can avail such from legitimate business establishments that offers refilling and sale of fire extinguisher.

What are the requirements for the issuance of FSIC for Business Permit?

• Assessments form with receipt indicating payment has been made to the City Treasurer’s Office
• For Real Estate Lessors, Realty Property Tax Receipt for Building
• Previous year FSIC