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Backyard piggery owners attend dialogue

Backyard piggery owners attend dialogue

by Wilbur S. Suanding

            Twenty seven backyard piggery owners from barangay Pinsao Pilot Project, Baguio City attended a dialogue on backyard pig raising at the barangay hall of Pinsao Pilot last July 26, 2017.

             The dialogue was organized by the barangay officials of Pinsao Pilot.  The opening prayer was led by Kagawad Gertrude F. Coy-om, followed by a welcome address by Kagawad Fernando D. Moyaen.

Sanitation Inspectors learns on sewage treatment

             In order to gain knowledge on the treatment and disposal of sewage, Eleven Sanitation Inspectors (SI) from the province of Pampanga has an educational trip at the Baguio Sewage Treatment Plant (BSTP) last May 13, 2016.

Vehicles avail of free smoke emission test

Vehicles avail of free smoke emission test

            The Roadside Inspection Testing and Monitoring Team (RITMT) from the Wastewater, Water and Ambient Air Management Division of the City Environment and Parks Management Office conducted a free smoke emission testing along Harrison Road last April 22, 2016.

Salaknib Ti Waig Adoptors initiated inland waterway clean-up drive

Salaknib Ti Waig adoptors leads clean-up of inland waterbody

by: Wilbur S. Suanding

In line with the Salaknib Ti Waig Program of the City of Baguio, to promote and implement activities in reducing pollution of rivers and its tributaries with the ultimate goal of maintaining water quality and improving conditions, Salaknib Ti Waig adoptors initiated a clean-up drive of an inland waterbody at Bued River and Galiano River.  

UPLB Industrial Engineering Students Visit Plant Operations

UPLB Industrial engineering students visit plant operations

by Wilbur S. Suanding and Aira Mae Y. Dictaan

University of the Cordilleras BSTP visit

Engineering students visit sewage treatment plant

Fifty three students from the University of the Cordilleras composed of Civil, Environmental and Sanitary Engineering students visited the Baguio Sewage Treatment Plant last February 24, 2016. The aim of their excursion was to educate them on the technical processes employed by the sewage treatment plant.

CEPMO-Wastewater, Water and Ambient Air Management Division: City's initiative in environment protection

CEPMO-WAM Division Chief Engr. Lozano, resource speaker for a one (1) day informative activity, "Market Extravaganza" done at Baguio City Market on February 20, 2016 presents Baguio City’s initiative to address problems of pollution caused by human activities such as indiscriminate dumping of solid waste and illegal wastewater disposal which both were harmful to the environment, particularly on Baguio City's local waterways. 

Presented subjects/issues:

High school students visit treatment plant

Sixty nine eight grade students and three teachers from Pines City National High School visited the Baguio Sewage Treatment Plant last February 11, 2016. The aim of the visit was to develop an understanding and appreciation on how technology helps in addressing problems on pollution caused by anthropogenic activities such as the increased use of hazardous chemicals that are detrimental to the environment, particularly on water resources. The visit was organized by their subject teacher Ms. Candice R. Pawid.