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tricycles now banned in baguio

BAGUIO CITY – Tricycles are now banned anywhere in the city.
The city council has approved on final reading Ordinance No. 28 series of 2012 “banning all tricycles within the territorial boundaries” of the city due their unsuitability as a mode of transportation in the city.
Councilor Philian Weygan-Allan, author of the measure, said tricycles have begun to proliferate in various parts of the city as individuals and businessmen running water delivery, junk shop, liquefied petroleum gas, ice cream and general merchandise trades resorted to using said means to ply their trade to avoid traffic congestion and the high cost of petroleum and gasoline.
“The presence of these tricycles recently created traffic problems instead of decongesting especially in Marcos Highway, Bakakeng Central, Camp 7, Kennon Road, Legarda Road and other roads of Baguio City,” Weygan noted.
She said the Baguio City Police Office (BCPO) recommended the total prohibition on tricycles as apart from being unfit to the terrainous condition of roads in the city, tricycles will impede traffic flow along roads especially on the ascending portions.
The city police also said that motorcycles being converted into tricycles were originally manufactured or engineered as single motor vehicle and not as a tricycle and this is likely to cause road safety issue because of the introduced modification.
The police also cited the high incidence of accidents both homicide and physical injuries caused by motorcycles rapidly which has increased for the past two years now.
Weygan said in social networking sites, the general opinion is that the City of Baguio must maintain minimum noise and keep the place in an environment-friendly condition, which tricycles cannot give.
As approved, violators will be fined from P500 to P3,000 or face imprisonment of 30-60 days. – A Refuerzo

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