Testing of weighing scales on

May 4, 2020 - Starting today, testing and sealing of weighing scales will be done daily at the Office of the Market Superintendent from 8:30AM to 4:00PM until ECQ is lifted.

This is a joint effort of the OMS and the Business Taxes and Fees Division (BTFD) of the City Treasury Office headed by City Teasurer Alex Cabarrubias to address the clamor of some vendors on the expired stickers of their weighing scales and some complaints of market goers relative to unsealed and dilapidated weighing scales in the market and in the various barangays of the city.

"Our office is conducting weekly checking and testing of weighing scales in all sections of the public market to ensure consumers/public welfare and protection. We are also encouraging business sectors from the various barangays to have their weighing scales be tested/calibrated and sealed first before its usage to avoid penalty, especially at this crisis time where several vendors are mushrooming in the various barangays of the city," Msrket Supt. Fernando Ragma Jr. said.

"We are also encouraging everyone to utilize our Timbangan ng Bayan and report to our office any problem of short weight or any problem related to weighing scales for the appropriate sanctions or penalty of the erring vendor," he said. - PIO Baguio