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Welcome to our Services page!Welcome to our Services page!

This section outlines the major services being provided by the City Government of Baguio. These services are categorized into sections, which are described below. To get a more detailed listing or information for a particular category, please click on the < enter > button below.
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City Administrator&#039;s Office

Coordinates, monitors, assesses, and gives appropriate feedback on the work or performance of all departments and officials under the supervision and control of the City Mayor to ensure that the vision mission objective/thrust and plans, programs and activities set for the City on an immediate, medium or long-term basis are realized.

City Assessor&#039;s

In charge of the City's appraisal and assessment services as well as Tax Mapping and Land Identification Services.

City Buildings And Architecture Office

Initiates, reviews and recommends changes in policies and objectives, plans and programs, techniques, procedures, practices and guidelines on vertical infrastructure development and other related public works for the city.

City Engineering Office

Initiates, reviews and recommends changes in policies and objectives, plans and programs, techniques, procedures, practices and guidelines in horizontal infrastructure development and other public works of the city.

Environment and Parks Management

Initiates the formulation, recommends changes and implements a comprehensive and integrated Environment Management and Monitoring Plan (EMMP) for the city in accordance with the parameters of sustainable urban development and management set for the city and all related national and local environment laws, standards and issuances.

City General Services Office

In charge of carrying out the following functions: (1) Supply and Property Management Program; (2) Records and Archives Management; (3) Motor Pool and Vehicle Maintenance (4) Solid waste management

City Health Office

In charge of the different health programs and plans of the city in relation to: (1) Health Education and Promotion; (2) Integrated Health Programs (3) Population Program Management; (4) Health Information Services; (5) and other related programs and services.

Human Resources Management

In charge of carrying out the following services:

  1. Appointments & Review Services
  2. Personnel Inspection & Audit Services
  3. Personnel Relations, Employee Welfare and Benefits and Services

City Library

In charge of the maintenance of the city's library facilities as well as provide technical assistance in the establishment of barangay libraries.

City Mayor&#039;s Office

General supervision and control over all programs, projects, services and activities of the city.

Civil Registration

In charge of providing Civil Registration services such as:

  1. Recording, filing and encoding of new documents.
  2. Issuance of certified true copies of civil registry documents.
  3. Entering of registry documents in the registry book as well as encoding of civil registry documents in the computer.
  4. Processing of marriage application and license.
  5. Conduct of IEC on Civil Registry

Social Welfare and Development

In charge of overseeing the implementation of community welfare programs, projects and activities of the city.

City Treasury Office

Aside from its internal administration and support services, the City Treasurer's Office also has the following functions: (1) Tax, Fees and Other Charges Enforcement Services; (2) Local Fund Management; and (3) Tax mapping, Campaign Investigation and Information Services.

Register of Deeds

In charge of verification, inspection and recording of Land Titles

City Veterinary Office

The City Veterinary Office is in charge of providing Livestock and Animal Health Services, Abbatoir Services, Livestock and meat inspection services.

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