SCOFAD council session

Senior citizen officials-for-a-day (SCOFAD) proposed and deliberated on 29 legislative measures for their benefit and the community during the council session last Monday at city hall.

After turn-over ceremonies in the morning, designated SCOFAD council members under the leadership of SC vice-mayor Victor Afalla, took responsibility over the committee chairmanship assigned to each. They have observed proceedings and undergone orientation on legislative matters, according to Legislative staff Jonalyn Pagada.

SC Councilor Felix Bentayen proposed that the Department of Public Works (DPWH) and the City Engineers Office (CEO) allocate an annual budget for regular repainting of pedestrian lanes; while SC councilor Alfredo Palado proposed for the rehabilitation of, and in the absence of streetlights, the installation of LED lights; as with the improvement of dilapidated or faded road signs.

SC Councilor Namnama Lopez through a proposed resolution urged Mayor Mauricio Domogan to direct the CEO to paint over vandalized public places; while SC Councilor Antonino Cortes, Jr. requested that the posting of any advertising material within the barangays be prohibited. There is a need to procure proper clearances from the authorities, he said.

The DPWH was requested by SC Councilor Emilia Jarata for a fly-over along Naguilian and Bokawkan road junctions; along with the same request for Marcos Highway-Legarda junction, Lourdes road, and Leonard Wood road and Navy Base junction. The SC councilors said decongestion of traffic would result from infrastructure improvements.

For health, safety and environmental concerns, SC Councilor Erlinda Bueno requested the Department of Education (DepEd) to strictly monitor and implement the guidelines on health food choices in school canteens, and stores within school vicinity; while SC Councilor Pacita Resurreccion urged that business establishments incorporate a green zone to help improve the air quality and promote an environmental-friendly Central business District.

SC Councilor Eduardo Reyes proposed that graduating college students plant at least two trees and tend to same for six months; in an identified planting site.

For the safety and convenience of the riding public, SC councilor Luz Abella requested that public utility vehicles specifically jeepneys be installed with grab rails. She also proposed that taxi drivers extend courtesy to passengers through loading or unloading of their baggage.

SC Councilor Ruby Agpawa requested for assistance in the establishment of a Barangay Senior Citizen Cooperative; and senior citizen button pins as identification materials, while SC Councilor Alexander Wasian proposed that stray dogs in the barangays be caught for public safety.

SC Councilor Eliseo Baldivino proposed that auto repair shop owners in the city be encouraged to employ Technical Education Skills Development Authority (TESDA) certificate holders, with appropriate experience.

Other proposals are focused on senior citizen benefits: a social events building for the elderly; free diagnostic examination for senior citizens; upgrading of SC identification cards; the implementation of grocery purchase discounts; honorarium for SCOFAD designates; financial assistance to indigent senior citizens; providing protection for the elderly against abuse and abandonment; and elderly legal assistance with government funding.

A disability desk with a committee in every barangay; free legal aid, incentives and honorarium with tax exemption to barangay officials; a Charter Day celebration awards for culture, tradition and customs preservation; and the regulation on the sale and acquisition of lands in the city, were also proposed.
Almost all of the legislative proposals were approved, with some amendments and suggestions for improvement. - juliegfianza