Punong barangays deputized to issue notice to remove graffiti

Mayor Mauricio Domogan urged all punong barangays of the 128 villages in the city of Baguio to help in the implementation of the anti-graffiti campaign so as to bring back the cleanliness of this mountain resort.

Recently, Domogan issued administrative order 054 deputizing all punong barangays in the city in coordination with the City Buildings and Architecture Office to issue Notice to Remove Graffiti in all public and private structures and to render report of compliance.

Domogan always expressed his dismay since graffiti continues to increase in the city because of the increasing number of young people involved in the said illegal activity.

“We do not tolerate individuals engaged in the said illegal activity, thus, we encourage barangay officials to get involved in the campaign and to inculcate discipline among the young people,” stressed Domogan.

Section 7 of the city ordinance No. 41, series of 2008 also known as the Anti-Graffiti Code of the city of Baguio mandates the CBAO to determine the existence of graffiti in any pertinent structure in the city and to notify the owner of such structure or the person in control to remove the graffiti within ten days after receipt of the notification.

Considering that the CBAO does not have sufficient manpower to effectively issue Notice to Remove Graffiti in all barangays in the city, Domogan directed all punong barangays to monitor their constituents and to coordinate with the CBAO in the issuance of Notice to Remove Graffiti to all owners of all forms of graffiti and vandalism. *Jho Arranz