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Kids thank GMA for saving tree park

Sixth grader Laurence Theo Parinas visited the tree park beside the Baguio Convention Center last Sept. 13 and learned that President Gloria Macapagal-Arroyo had ordered that it be preserved as such.

Back in class at the Baguio Pines Family Learning Center the following Monday, he wrote the President:

 “Thank you very much for savng the mini-forest here in Baguio near the Convention Center. I know that what you did can really help us….and the next generation to come. May you continue to help us and God bless to you!!!”

Below the letter, he drew with crayons the patch of green, below a yellow sun and blue clouds. Five of his school mates also wrote Her Excellency.

“I am glad that we still enjoy the cool and fragrant air of Baguio because of the beautiful pine trees which surround us,” fourth grader Irene Danica Torcuato wrote. “And it is because of your effort to preserve the trees.”

“I really appreciate that you didn’t allow the cutting of trees in the  mini-forest beside the Baguio Convention Center . Thank you for saving the trees that give children like me a lace to play, fresh air to breathe and natural beauty of enjoy. Respectfully yours, Shauli W. Kitma, Grade 5.”

“Dear Ma-m President, We are happy that you are preserving themini forest here in Baguio City near the Convention Center. Because of that, the kids and the adults have trees to climb to. Thank you very very much. Yours truly, Rodrigo A. Bondoc, Grade 5.”

“May you continue to support us preserve our environment.  Love, Kirby Jaileen Tabafunda Madayag.”

“Dear Madam President, I thank you for telling the people that want to cut the trees that you won’t let them cut the trees. From: BPFLC student Grade 6, Jasper Ken M. Lopez.”

A kid who failed to sign his or her letter was apologetic: “Thank you so much and sorry if my letter is too short but next time I’ll give longer letter.”

Wearing raincoats and unfolding umbrellas against the morning rain, 44 kids from the school started out from the Baguio Convention Center under the “Children’s Urban Heritage Walk” program of the YMCA of Baguio and the city government.

“I like the part when we went to the (Veterans) Park because it was my 1st time to see the names of the Filipino soldirs who fought in the war,” one kid wrote.

“But my feet ache(d) because we walk(ed) and walk(ed),” another complained. “(It) was really fun because we cleaned the Session Road even if it was raining,” said another. “We should love our other Earth,” summed up Mayie Am-e Cerezo.

Schools that want to experience the “Children’s Urban Walk” process may contact the YMCA of Baguio (442-4766) of the information division of the city mayor’s office (442-2502). – Ramon Dacawi.

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