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Human Resources Management Office

Frequently Asked QuestionsFrequently Asked Questions

Requirements for applicants

  1. Application Letter
  2. Bio-data / resume with 2x2 picture
  3. Service Records / Certificate of employment / Performance ratings (if any)
  4. Diploma / Transcript of Records
  5. Certificate of Trainings / Seminars
  6. CS Eligibility

Name of manual form:
Personnel Data Sheet (PDS) / CS Form 212

The official form to be accomplished/prepared by officials/personnel in government service.

Instruction to Clients:
The form should be accomplished legibly with a black ballpen. Typewritten and computerized forms are also allowed as long as black ink is used.

Frequently Asked Questions:

What do I need to state on the application letter?

Simply state that you seek employment with the City Government of Baguio and include the position you wish the apply for.

Do I need to submit the copies of my original documents?

No, only photocopies are required for the attachments of your application.

Can I submit a photocopied picture on my resume?

No, the pictures on the resume must be original on both copies.

Do I need to submit my college diploma/transcript if the requirement on the Qualification Standard posted by the Human Resource Management Office only states "High School Graduate" on the education criteria?

Yes, since the High School graduate criteria is only the MINIMUM requirement of the position. Applicants who have finished college could still apply if they find the position fit for their finished degree.

Do I need to submit all the photocopies of my trainings and seminars I attended to?

Trainings and seminars not related to the position you are applying for need not be submitted. Ex. Trainings on Electronics Technician need not be submitted if you are applying for a Clerk position.

I am still to take the Civil Service Eligibility Examination, can I already apply to the vacant positions requiring a Civil Service Eligibility?

No, applicants must first pass the Civil Service Eligibility before applying to the vacant positions requiring eligibility.

Can I apply to more than one vacant position?

Yes, as long as you meet the qualification standards to the vacancies then you may apply.


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