Girl needs fistula to survive

Maintaining dialysis three times a week for a lifetime is a common problem among dialysis patients being squeezed continuously of their meager finances.

Double the fund stress and you have Julla Sabling,a 21-year old from Bontoc, Mt. Province whose family has been trying to cope with her need to undergo thrice-a-week blood-cleansing sessions in order to survive.

That’s why she has been here in Baguio since she was diagnosed for kidney failure in June last year, to be closer to the life-saving dialysis machines at the Baguio General Hospital and Medical Center.

Beside the need to pay P2,200 per dialysis session, Julla is threatened by the successive failure of her arteriovenus grafts (AVFs) created to allow treatment.

She has undergone several AVF creations which eventually failed, with doctors advising her to undergo AVF grat at the National Kidney and Transplant Institute in Quezon City.

The graft would cost some P45,000 which the family can not raise. Her father Juan is an electrician while her mother Chernlyn is a government employee earning P30,000 a month.

Julla has two brothers – Jovanne, 14 and at Grade 7, and Juan, 17 and at Grade 11.

Those who can help raise Julla’s fund for a graft or would like to sponsor a session or two of dialysis may contact her at the dialysis center at the Baguio General Hospital. – Ramon Dacawi