Fil-Am foundation to hold junior golf tourney by June 2019

The Fil-Am Golf foundation will be sponsoring the conduct of a junior golf tournament at the Baguio Country Club and Camp John Hay golf courses by June next year.

Anthony de Leon, general manager of Baguio |Country Club and co-chairman of the Fil-Am Executive Committee, said that the conduct of the June 2019 junior golf tournament in the city is part of the Fil-Am foundation’s bid to develop young golfers to become prominent amateur and professional golfers in the future.

He said that part of the proceeds of the 69th edition of the Fil-Am invitational golf tournament that will run from December 1 to 14, 2018 will be used to fund the conduct of the junior golf tournament.

Shean Bedi, chief operating officer of the Camp John Hay Development Corporation (CJHDevCo), said that some 80 to 100 junior golfers from the different parts of the country are expected to participate in the first-ever junior golf competition in the city by the middle of next year.

The Fil-Am Golf foundation has been involved in the conduct of numerous corporate social responsibility projects that range from environmental preservation and protection, medical-dental missions, relief operations, among others that contributed in the growth and development of communities in the different parts of the city and neighboring towns of Benguet.

Bedi stated that junior golfers will have a chance to play in the two challenging golf courses with peculiar conditions wherein they will surely love to play the sport.

He explained that the junior golf tournament will be an individual competition to test the ability of the young golfers to play in the two courses before the organizers will look into the possibility of conducting the event through team completion in the coming years.

 De Leon disclosed that the Fil-Am Golf foundation will continue to look into how it will be able to extend the needed assistance to Baguio city in sustaining its robust growth and development with tourism as the major economic driver.

For this year, some 1,300 amateur golfers from the Asia Pacific region will be arriving in the city to participate in the 69th edition of the Fil-Am invitational golf tournament, the longest running amateur golf tournament in the world, which is an added boost to the local tourism industry.

He added that the foundation is continuously working on programs and projects that will sustain the uplfitment of the sport of golf in the city so that more individuals will be empowered to play the game because it will be exciting to do so.

Organizers of the Fil-Am invitational golf tournament belied the contention of some individuals that golf is a sport for the rich because everyone can play the sport as long as they learn to love it and they have time to play a round of golf in the available golf courses in the different parts of the city.

According to them, more surprises await the participants in the future staging of the longest running golf tournament in the world to entice more golfers to join the annual event in the city. - Dexter A. See