Education-related Proposals Up For Public Hearing

The city council will subject education-related proposals to a public hearing on Nov. 7 8 a.m. to 5 p.m. at the Multi-Purpose Hall, City Hall.

The measures include the proposed ordinance declaring the last Monday of September every year as Teacher’s Day in Baguio City.

Proposed by Councilor Joel Alangsab, the measure also sought to confer awards to best performing teachers to be selected based on criteria and who will be honored in an appropriate program.

The other proposal, also by Alangsab is the amendment of Ordinance No. 93 series of 1994 requiring all schools to issue identification cards to their students or pupils by including an information on the blood type of the students.

Alangsab said this is in consonance with the Blood Type Identification Act and aims to “facilitate medical treatment in cases of transfusion needs during accidents.

Also up for hearing is the proposed ordinance of Coun. Leandro Yangot Jr. seeking to grant all public and private school teachers, professors, trainers and coaches in the city a ten percent discount on all education-related purchases.

A grant to our teacher of said discount on education-related purchases opens the door for more purchases on much needed tools and instruments that will serve to further improve the extent and value of their services thus assuring the constituents of Baguio of the quality of education ,” Yangot noted.

As proposed, teachers must present valid identification cards and that all of the purchases must be education-related.

He also proposed an incentive for all participating school and office supply stores that will grant the discount by way that they have the discounted amount deducted from their business taxes being paid to the city government.

The hearing will be facilitated by the committee on education, culture and historical research chaired by Coun. Peter Fianza.  - Aileen P. Refuerzo