Creation of risk management body, advisory council okayed

Mayor Benjamin B. Magalong ordered the creation of a Risk Management Committee (RMC) and a City Advisory Council to help in the implementation of his good, transparent and accountable governance.

The new city chief executive underscored the RMC will help identify and evaluate potential risks in the operating environment of the city.

He added the RMC will also be tasked to develop and implement risk-mitigating measures to ensure the overall safety of the residents and visitors alike.

“We cannot afford to be reactive. We should be proactive,” Mayor Magalong stressed.

On the other hand, the city mayor also announced the creation of a City Advisory Council composed of distinguished individuals of the city as a prelude to the city’s transformation program pursuant to the already proven Performance Governance System (PGS).

According to him, the proposed body shall provide expert objective advise to the leadership on major programs, projects and activities impact on the general welfare of the public.

In line with the principle of transparency, Magalong pointed out the council shall recommend individuals who will compose the private sector representative in big ticket projects or projects of local significance.

Magalong claimed the appropriate administrative orders detailing the composition of the two bodies and their specific duties and responsibilities shall be issued the soonest for the assigned individuals composing the said bodies to start serving their assigned tasks.

“Truly, I am honoured to serve Baguio, and will be happy beyond measure to work hand-in-hand with each and everyone. I know that deep in your hearts, you wish no less than an exemplary performance to define our teamwork,” Magalong added.

He suggested one of the issues to be given immediate attention by the members of the RMC is the issue on the populated mineralized areas in the city for appropriate actions to be taken to ensure the protection of the safety of the residents in the said established communities.

According to him, the creation of the RMC and the advisory council will translate to the involvement of experts from the different sectors in the city in the crafting of the needed policy directions that will help realize his 10-point agenda that aims to make a better Baguio during his 3-year term.

In previous interviews prior to his assumption in office as the city chief executive, Magalong disclosed that numerous local and national experts on various aspects of governance pledged their all-out support to his administration thus he vowed to hit the ground going right in his first days in office in city hall.

He said the said experts assured their support to him without any cost to the city thus it is important to avail of their services to ensure that things will be done right in the context of good, transparent and accountable governance. - Dexter A. See