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Frequently Asked Questions


Name of Manual Form:
Daily Dog Impounding Report

Form Description:
Record of dog (s) impounded, redeemed, auctioned, sick or dead on a daily basis.

What is the schedule of impounding?

  • Dog Impounding Schedule is from Monday to Saturday. It is prohibited for the owner or keeper of any dog to allow the same to go loose in any place outside the premises of the owner. Any dog found outside the premises of the owner shall be considered as stray dog and shall be seized by any authorized personnel. (City Ordinance of Baguio No. 025, Series of 2000)
  • All impounded dogs seized by authorized personnel shall be delivered to the animal pound for safekeeping. Any dog found in public streets, highways, schools, parks, public grounds, churches, hospitals and plazas, or in or upon the premises of another other than its owner or keeper shall be seized by authorized personnel unless the dog is leashed and being held by its owner. (City Ordinance of Baguio No. 025, Series of 2000)
  • All impounded dogs are recorded in the Daily Impounding Report. Included in the report are the following information
    • time of impounding
    • color of the dog
    • sex of the dog
    • specific place where the dog was imponded
    • other identifying marks

Releasing and Claiming

  • All claimants/dog owners are allowed to identify their dog (s) in the City Pound. They are required to show records of the dog (registration or vaccination certificate, etc.) and present their identification card, cedula, etc.
  • After identification, they will print their name and affix their signature in the Daily Impounding Report indicating their exact address and telephone numbers if any.
  • By accomplishing the City Pound Release Form, the dog shall be released after payment of the corresponding penalty.The official receipt issued to them (dog owner) shall be presented to the Dog Caretaker for release of their dog.

Frequently Asked Questions

When do you release the impounded dog (s)?

Releasing of impounded dog (s) is from 8:00am to 5:00pm during Mondays to Fridays.

How much do I need to pay to retrieve my impounded dog?

A fine of P200.00 will be collected for every impounded dog and a maintenance fee of P20.00/day to cover the dog-food consumption.

Where do you get the food of the impounded dogs?

From the food supplies comprised of rice and sardines funded under the City’s Annual Budget.

What do you do to the impounded dogs found to have diseases?

We treat them. Those that are found infected with contagious and zoonotic diseases are euthanized.


Name of Manual Form:
Dog Auction Bid Form

Form Description:
Being accomplished during Dog Auction

Rules and Regulations in the Baguio City Pound

  • All dogs not claimed after five (5) days inclusive of Saturdays, Sundays and Holidays shall be opened for Public Bidding during Tuesdays and Fridays only.
  • Bidding starts at 8:00am until 11:00am.
  • Opening of Bids shall be done at 11:00am.
  • All Bidders must be present during the opening of bids. All winning bids shall be paid after the opening of bids and the dog shall be redeemed within the day. Winning bids that are not paid within the same day shall be CANCELLED and the dog shall be rebidded during the next bidding schedule.
  • In cases wherein the winning bidder is not present during the opening, their bid shall be forfeited and shall be awarded to the next highest bidder who is present.
  • The purpose of bidding should be for pet purposes only.

Frequently Asked Questions

What do you do to the unclaimed animals when there is failure of bidding?

In case the bidding is declared fruitless by the City Veterinarian, the unclaimed animals shall be killed by euthanasia or donated to government veterinary schools of animal laboratories for scientific studies or to any animal welfare societies for adoption. (City Ordinance of Baguio No. 025, Series of 2000)

Where do you dispose the dead animals?

We bury at the Department of Agriculture Area, Santo Tomas, Baguio City.

Do you sell dog meat?

No. Unclaimed dogs in the pound are auctioned for pet purposes.


Slaughterhouse Compound, Baguio City
Tel Nos.: (074) 443-5332; 300-3352


Brigit P. Piok DVM
City Veterinarian

Narcisa B. Gumingin, DVM
Veterinarian I

Gladys C. Bantog
Agricultural Technologist

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