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Frequently Asked QuestionsFrequently Asked Questions

CMO - People's Law Enforcement Board:

Laws of Creation

Republic Act No. 6975 Sec. 43
Establishing the Philippine National Police under re-organized Department of Interior and Local Government authorizing the creation of the People's Law Enforcement Board.

Baguio City Ordinance No. 60, Series of 1991
Creating Polictions in the Office of the People's Law Enforcement Board and appropriating funds for the operation and maintenance of the said office.

Baguio City Ordinance No. 66, Series of 1991
Amending Section 2 of Ordinance No. 60, Series of 1991 and providing for other purposes.

Rules of Procedure

NAPOLCOM Memorandum Circular No. 2002-010
Visit the National Police Commission Website

Filing of Complaints

Acquire Affidavit-Complaint form and Certification of Non-Forum Shopping.
Required Copies: Seven (7)

Filing of Answer

Furnish copy to complainant or his/her counsel before filing to PLEB Office.
Required copies: Seven (7)

Securing PLEB Clearance

Step 1:
 Pay to the office of the City Treasurer
Step 2 (of Pending or Non-pending Case for whatever purpose):
 Present receipt to PLEB Office - Jasmin Rivera

Requirement: Personal Appearance

Downloadable Forms:

PLEB Certification (w/ pending case)
PLEB Certification (no pending case)
PLEB Form - 1
Certification of Non-Forum Shopping


Shooting Permit

  • What are the Requirements?
  •  Request letter addressed to the City Mayor
  • How much is the shooting fee and shooting bond?
  •  Shooting Fee - Php 5,000.00
     Shooting Bond - Php 10,000.00
  • When will the permit be ready for pickup?
  •  After two days.

Tree Cutting Permit

  • When will they get their permit?
  •  After 2 days
  • How much is the fee?
  •  Amount depends on the size of the tree to be cut.

Permit for motorcades, recorida, funeral cortege.

  • What are the requirements?
  •  Request letter wth route addressed to City Mayor.
  • How many days will they process the permit?
  •  It depends on the person processing the permit
  • What is the next step in processing the permit?
  •  Traffic Division, Baguio City Police then back to Mayor's
     Office for approval.
Downloadable Forms:

CMO Permits Form


What are the requirements needed?

  • What are the requirements needed?
  •   - Barangay Clearance
      - Resume / Bio-data


How do you secure a Mayor's Clearance and what are the requirements?

  • First, secure a Barangay Clearance from the Barangay where you are presently residing.
  • Proceed to the City Treasurer's Office for payment of the required fees.
  • NOTE: the following are required:
  • 1. Police Clearance
  • 2. Municipal Trial Court (MTC) Clearance
  • 3. Prosecutor's Office Clearance
  • 4. Regional Trial Court (RTC) Clearance
  • 5. Community Tax Certificate (CTC)
  • 6. Official Receipt
  • Submit documents to Receiving Clerk/Mayors Office personnel for checking
  • Wait for clearance to be released   
Downloadable Forms:

CMO Clearance

FAQ on the A.O 504 Clearing Committee

What are the requirements on Filing Townsite Sales Applications?

  1. 6 Blueprints survey plan of the land with vicinity map
  2. 5 (2x2) ID picture
  3. 5 photocopies Voter's ID or marriage contract or Birth Certificate
  4. 5 copies of certificate of non-property from the City Assessors Office
  5. 2 white long folders with fasteners
  6. 3 photocopies Current Community Tax Certificate (CEDULA)
  7. 3 documentary stamps
  8. Pictures of the land applied for including improvements
  9. Fifty (Php 50.00) worth of filing fee

Why TS Applications are denied?

  1. Some TS Applications falls on titled property or O-C-T's.
  2. Some TS Applications falls on Military / Civil Reservation (BUSOL watershed, Mining Reservation, Bureau of Animal Industry, etc.
  3. Some TS Applications does not meet minimum area requirements (min. area: 200 sq. m. ; Max area: 1000 sq. m.
  4. TS Applications overlapping Previous TS Applications
  5. TS Applications falls on Ancestral Land Claim but no visible signs of occupation or no actual occupant.

What are the procedures / steps on processing TS Applications?

Please refer to the Flowchart for processing TS Applications

How long will TS Applications take before clearance?

Within 1 year if all documents are in proper order.

What are the mandatory and incidental fees to be paid in processing TS applications?

Mandatory Fee: Filing Fee (Php 50.00)
Incidental Fee: None




City Hall, Baguio City
Ph/Fx: (+63)(074) 442 - 3939

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