City grants additional exemption to Benguet truckers

Mayor Mauricio G. Domogan granted the request of cutflower and vegetable truckers for the exemption of additional trucks from the coverage of the city’s truck ban while waiting for the amendments to the truck ban ordinance pending with the local legislative body.
            The local chief executive revealed that an additional 6 trucks of vegetable traders and 3 trucks of cutflower traders will also be exempted from the truck ban from February 9-14, 2018.
            “We understand the plight of our cutflower and vegetable traders who must deliver their products to their markets on time thus the additional exemptions. Some of the truckers claimed they were not included in the earlier exemption thus these additional exemptions,” Domogan stressed.
            Earlier, the vegetable truckers proposed that 10 trucks be exempted from the truck ban while the cutflower traders proposed 19 trucks not to be covered by the truck ban from February 9-14, 2018 or during the height of their delivery of flowers to the Metro Manila markets.
            However, Domogan reminded the concerned traders and truckers to police their own ranks to avoid the alleged mass reproduction of the limited identification cards issued to them.