City gives incentives to early taxpayers

Early real property taxpayers in the city can receive incentives if they pay their taxes during the first quarter of this year.

City Treasurer Alex Cabarrubias said real property taxpayers who will their taxes in full in January will receive a 20-percent discount while those who pay their real property taxes in full in February will be given a 15-percent discount.

Further, tax payers in March will be granted a 10-percent discount while taxpayers who opt to pay their computed taxes on a quarterly basis will be given 10-percent discount.

Aside from the substantial discounts, early taxpayers have the chance to win attractive prizes provided by the local government to entice real property owners to pay their taxes on time.

Cabarrubias also disclosed that the local government already reactivated the operation of the one-stop shop at the City Treasury Office to assist both real property and business taxpayers in the payment of their taxes and the processing of business permits.

Under existing rules and regulations, businesses whose starts with letters A to H are mandated to process their permits this month, businesses whose names start with the letters I to P will be allowed to process their permits in February while businesses whose names start with the letters Q to Z will be required to process their permits from March 1 to 20, 2018 to prevent overcrowding in the city’s one-stop shop facility.

He explained that considering the local government is now enrolled in the electronic business permits and licensing system, it is easier for business owners to have their permits renewed and processed provided their documents are complete and have passed the necessary clearances to be issued by the concerned offices, particularly the Baguio Fire Department, the City Health Services Office, City Buildings and Architecture Office, City Planning and Development Office among others.

He said the one-stop shop has express lanes for senior citizens and persons with disability (PWDS) to cater to their needs when paying their taxes or processing their business permits in time for the prescribed period for processing and renewing their permits.

Cabarrubias appealed to the taxpayers to be patient in waiting for their turn to be attended by personnel of the offices assigned in the one-stop shop because of the numerous taxpayers paying their taxes or processing their permits.

He said the local government is doing its best to cater to the needs of the taxpayers, especially during the renewal period, that is why taxpayers should understand the prevailing situation in the one-stop shop because all their concerns will be given attention in due time by the personnel of the local government.

The local government established the one-stop shop at the City Treasury Office to fastrack the processing of permits by businessmen doing business in the different parts of the city pursuant to previous issuances by higher authorities that business permits should be issued within 3 days. -By Dexter A. See