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City General Services Office


Frequently Asked QuestionsFrequently Asked Questions

What is the General Services Office? (GSO)

   Answer: The General Services Office is an office/department under the executive arm of the City Government of Baguio. It is one of the mandatory offices created under the RA 7160 or the Local Government Code of 1991.

Who is the department head of GSO?

   Answer: GSO is headed by Mr. Romeo D. Concio, City General Services Officer.

What is the manpower complement of GSO?

   Answer: GSO has a manpower complement of 43 employees (including the department head).

What are the services being offered by GSO?

   Answer: These are the main functions of GSO:

1. Supply and Property Management
    a. Procurement Planning
    b. Procurement of Supplies and Property
    c. Storekeeping of Common Use Supplies
    d. Delivery and Inspection of Supplies
    e. Utilization and Distribution of Supplies and Property
    f. Processing of Payments of Supplies Delivered
    g. Inventory of Properties
    h. Disposal of Properties

2. Records and Archives Management
    a. Sorting of records according to classification of non-current records
    b. Filing and retrieval of non-current records
    c. Inspection, appraisal, inventory and disposal of valueless records
    d. Preservation, maintenance and safekeeping of archival and valuable records
    e. Provides information relative to city’s archives (e.g. former and present city officials) which are available to researchers and clients.

3. Maintenance Services

    Building Maintenance
       a. Janitorial Services
       b. Security Services Supervision
       c. Minor Building Repairs
       d. Operation of Generator

    Vehicle Maintenance
       a. Inspection of city government vehicles
       b. Undertakes preventive maintenance checks on city government vehicles
       c. Maintenance of Records of all city government vehicles

    Facilities Maintenance
       a. Indemnification of City-owned Buildings and Properties

4. Special Events Assistance
    a. Arrangement of Chairs, Tables and other furniture’s
    b. Lending of Parachutes/ Tents
    c. Provision of Sound System and other media
    d. Reservation of Multi-purpose Hall and other facilities

How is procurement being done in the City Government of Baguio?

Step 1 List down all supplies needed on Supplies Availability Inquiry (SAI) and Requisition Issue Voucher (RIS) Requisitioning Office 4 hours
Step 2 Numbering of RIS GSO 1 hour
Step 3 Certifying whether stocks are available or not GSO and ACCTG 1 day
Step 4 Preparation of Requisition Issue Slip (RIS) Requisitioning Office 4 hours
Step 5 Preparation of Allotment and Obligation Slip (ALOBS) Requisitioning Office, Budget Office, Acctg. Office 1 day
Step 6 Releasing of Supplies GSO & Requisitioning Office 1 day
Step 7 Recording of Supplies Issued GSO 1 day
Step 8 Submission of Summary of Supplies and Materials Issued GSO and Accounting Office Weekly
Note: Only supplies approved in the Annual Procurement Plan shall be processed.


Step 1 List down all supplies and or equipment needed on the Purchase Request (PR) Requisitioning Office 4 hours
Step 2 Numbering of PR (Pre- inspection, if applicable, Check availability in PS and check completeness of papers) GSO 1 hour
Step 3 Preparation of Allotment and Obligation Slip (ALOBS) Requisitioning Office, Budget Office, Acctg. Office 1 day
Step 4 Determination of procurement mode BAC 1 day
Step 5 Mode of Procurement

c)Negotiated Purchase
d)Repeat Order
e)Exclusive Distributorship
f)Direct Purchase

BAC / GSO / Requisitioning Office 30-90 days (if bidding is not a failure)
Step 6 Preparation of Abstract of Bids GSO 3 days after procurement mode
Step 7 Post-Evaluation by TWG (if applicable) BAC/TWG 3 days
Step 8 Awarding of Contract GSO/BAC 3 – 5 days
Step 9 Delivery of Contract of Award GSO 1 day
Step 10 Delivery of Supplies or Equipment Supplier/GSO 10-30 days (depending on delivery date)
Step 11 Inspection of Supplies and Equipments Requisitioning Office/ GSO/CMO/COA 1 hour
Step 12 Preparation of Payment Voucher GSO/Requisitioning Office 3 days after delivery
Step 13 Pre-Auditing of Payment Vouchers ACCOUNTING 72 hours
Step 14 Authorization of Payment (signing of Vouchers) CMO 1 day
Step 15 Preparation of Checks Treasurer's Office 4 hours
Step 16 Disbursement of Payment Treasurer’s Office/ Supplier 4 hours

What are the supplies and equipments being purchased by the City Government of Baguio?

   Answer: Please log on to or to

What are requirements needed to qualify as a supplier of the City Government of Baguio?

   Answer: All suppliers must pre-qualify with the Bids and Awards Committee and submit the following minimum requirements: (View/Open the requirements (in PDF Format))

What are the Forms and Documents needed in Supply and Property Management?
   Annex 1 - Annual Supplies Procurement Plan (ASPP)
   Annex 2 - Purchase Request
   Annex 3 - Allotment and Obligation Slip
   Annex 4 - Supplies Availability Inquiry
   Annex 5 - Requisition Issue Slip
   Annex 6 - Shopping Form
   Annex 7 - Abstract of Bids
   Annex 8 - Contract Award or Purchase Order
   Annex 9 - Inspection and Acceptance Report
   Annex 10 – Certificate of Emergency Purchase
   Annex 11 - Disbursement Voucher
   Annex 12 - Memorandum Receipt of Properties
   Annex 13 - Waste Material Report
   Annex 14 - Inspection and Investigation Report of Unserviceable Equipments
   Annex 15 - Clearance from Money and Property Accountability



Baguio City General Services Office
Ground Floor, City Hall, Baguio City
Ph/Fx: (+63)(074) 442 - 8924 (Admin Division) / (+63) (074) 442 - 8926 (Supply and Property Division) / (+63) (074) 442 - 8795 (telefax - Mr. Romeo D. Concio)

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