City employees reminded on leave application policy

Mayor Mauricio Domogan issued last week administrative order 081 reminding city employees on the Omnibus rules on leave and at the same time establishing an office policy on the processing of late leave applications.

Officials and employees are entitled not to report for work with or without pay as may be provided by law and as the rules prescribed.

Civil Service Commission Memorandum Circular No. 41, series of 1998 provides the period within which to file leave applications and the possible ground for disciplinary action in case of violation.

Application for vacation leave must be filed five days in advance. While, application for sick leave must be filed immediately upon the employee’s return from his sick leave. On the other hand, application for sick leave in excess of five successive days must be accompanied with a medical certificate.

Despite the simple CSC ruling, it has been observed that some city employees fail to file/comply with the timely submission of leave applications forcing the local chief executive to issue memorandum reminding concerned employees of their obligation to file their respective leave of application.

Furthermore, a significant number of employees were given reminders multiple times without giving any disciplinary sanction.

Thus, in the order, the chief executive established an office policy on the processing of late leave applications. Employees who files their sick and vacation leave application late will be given first warning for the first offense, last warning for the second offense and disapproval or leave application for the third offense.

Meanwhile, in instances that the late fling of leave applications is caused by the failure on the part of the administrative officer or personnel in charge to submit and/or enter the same in the Leave Administration System (ALS) on time, the same rule will be applied to them except that for the third offense onwards, administrative cases may be instituted to them.

The local chief executive stressed that disapproval of leave application will be considered a gap in the service, thus, disqualifying the employee to receive loyalty award. *Jho Arranz