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City Buildings And Architecture

City Buildings and Architecture Office Initiates, reviews and recommends changes in policies and objectives, plans and programs, techniques, procedures, practices and guidelines on vertical infrastructure development and other related public works for the city.

Frequently Asked QuestionsFrequently Asked Questions

Application for Building Permit (NBC Form B-01)
Permit to construct new structures, renovate/develop/repair existing Structures (PD 1096 - National Building Code)

  • I wish to apply for a building permit, what are the requirements?
  • How long will it take before the permit is issued?

     If all the requirements are complied with, processing time is two days or less. Your application and supporting documents are reviewed and evaluated by the inspection and investigation division as to line and grade, structural, sanitary, electrical and mechanical aspects of your proposed structure/building and the site.

  • Are there fees to be paid and how much?

     Yes there are and depending on the building you are going to construct. The more expensive or the bigger the building or structure, the more fees to be paid.

  • For example, I applied a permit for a two-storey building, but before construction, we have decided to have three storeys, instead of the approved two storeys, is that allowed?

     No, approved plans shall not be changed, modified nor altered without the approval of the building official.

Contact Persons: Engr. Rizalino M. Banta/Ms. Joanne M. Bautista
Telephone Number: (074) 442 - 2503
Fax Number: (074) 443 - 9239

Sign Permit

Permit to install streamers, billboards, advertising/business signs along designated areas in the city for a certain period.

  • We want to put streamers along Naguilian and Kennon Road to promote our product, do we need a permit?

Pursuant to provisions of P.D. 1096 (National Building Code), yes a permit is required.

  • How much do we pay?

A fee of Php 30.00 per sq. m. of sign is charged, inspection fee of Php 20.00 per site or location of sign to be installed and removal fee of Php 100.00 per sign or streamer.

  • What is the removal fee?

Contact Persons: Archt. Arsenio Glenn M. Rillera / Engr. Antonio O. Visperas
Telephone Number: (074) 442 - 2503
Fax Number: (074) 443 - 9239

Certificate of Occupancy

Permit to occupy a completed structure/building either for residential, commercial, educational, industrial, or institutional use, etc.

  • The construction of our house is now completed, and about to occupy it. What do we need now?

       Pursuant to Section 309 of the National Building Code, a Certificate of Occupancy is required.

  • What are the requirements?

      a. Certificate of Completion

      b. Certificate of Sanitary/Plumbing Inspection

      c. Certificate of Final Electrical Inspection/Completion

      d. As-built plans/specifications

      e. Logbook Certificate of Final Electrical Inspection/Completion As-built plans/specifications

Contact Persons: Engr. Rizalino M. Banta / Joanne M. Bautista
Telephone Number: (074) 442 - 2503
Fax Number: (074) 443 - 9239

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