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City adopts non-monetary compensation for overtime work

Instead of pay, city employees rendering overtime work will now be paid with compensatory overtime credit (COC) excusing them from work for a period equal to or 1.5 times more than the hours of overtime work rendered.
Mayor Mauricio Domogan recently signed Administrative Order 37 ordering the adoption of the non-monetary remuneration for overtime services as an austerity measure in the local government.
The compensatory time-off scheme shall “cover employees holding salary Grade 24 positions and below who are not receiving representation and travel allowance (RATA), under permanent, temporary or casual status and contractual personnel whose employment is in the nature of a regular employee”.
Exempted are elective officials, department and assistant department heads and employees holding salary grade 20 positions and above who are receiving RATA, as in the case of personnel devolved from national agencies.
The mayor said the shift is in accordance with the implementing rules of the Administrative Code of 1987 the city government handbook and circulars from the Civil Service Commission and the Department of Budget and Management which provide for non-monetary remuneration for overtime services.
According to the implementing guidelines, COC will be equal to number of hours of overtime services x 1 on weekdays and number of hours x 1.5 for services rendered on week-ends, holidays and scheduled days off.
An employee may accrue not more than 40 hours COC in a month and in no instance shall bhe unexpended balance exceed 120 hours. The COC should be used within the year it is earned until the following year.
The overtime credit can not be used to offset undertime or tardiness incurred during regular working days, not convertible to cash and can not be added to regular leave credits. – Ramon Dacawi.

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council committee admits lack of authority to stop sm tree plan; asks sm to redesign dev’t to save trees
BAGUIO CITY – The city council committee studying the SM Baguio expansion project and tree-earthballing concerns admitted that the august body has no authority to stop SM’s plan to earthball 182 trees for its expansion project.
The committee on health, sanitation and environment headed by Councilor Erdolfo Balajadia however asked SM Baguio to consider redesigning its expansion project to reduce the number of trees to be affected by the project.
In a committee recommendation discussed by the council last Monday, the committee also suggested the creation of a multi-sectoral committee to monitor the implementation of the SM expansion project and ensure that it is complying with the company’s development commitments.
The body last Monday failed to act on the committee recommendation as it decided to adjourn early after some members figured in a heated exchange while discussing the committee report.
In its report, the committee said the city council “is not the proper body to rule” on the clamor “to stop the plan of SM Baguio to cut and earth-ball 182 trees for reasons varying from environmental and health concerns to even cultural concerns (as well as) the issue of ownership over the property…”
“Otherwise, it would be arrogating unto itself power that does not belong to it,” the committee said noting that the authority to cancel tree-cutting and earth-balling permit rests with the Dept. of Environment and Natural Resources (DENR), building permit with the city building and architecture office and the resolution of the land ownership issues is within the province of the courts.
The body said a committee composed of government and non-government agencies should be created to serve as “watchdog” for SM expansion project.
The committee was proposed to assume the following functions:
*to ensure that SM Baguio complies with its commitment to hire experts to monitor the viability of earth-balling of trees;
*to ensure that SM Baguio complies with its promise to plant 50 saplings for every tree that would be earth-balled;
*to ensure that SM Baguio complies with its commitment to help in the planting of trees in the watersheds and forest reserves of the city;
*to ensure that SM Baguio complies with all the conditions indicated in the permits granted to it, and to recommend the suspension and/or revocation of the said permits in case of violations of the terms thereon; and
*to ensure that SM Baguio complies with its commitment that its expansion and redevelopment project be environment-friendly.
The committee also recommended that the company first secure a permit from the Local Water Utilities Administration (LWUA) for its rainwater harvesting facility.
“In the alternative, the August Body hereby proposed to SM Baguio to consider re-designing its expansion project to reduce earth-balling of trees within the premises,” the body noted.
The committee report came after the body conducted public consultations on SM’s redevelopment and the planned earth-balling of trees which drew widespread opposition. – A Refuerzo

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