Candidates’ commitment to clean elections

The Baguio Benguet Ecumenical Group (BBEG), in coordination with the Baguio Character Council, Commission on Election (COMELEC) and the Department of Education (Dep-Ed) conducted a time of prayer, worship and a commitment to a clean, honest and issue-based campaign last Wednesday at the Dominican Heritage Hill.

The consecration, presentation and conduct of prayer for the candidates was enlivened by speaker Fr. Manny Flores of the Diocese of Baguio challenge for leaders to unite Baguioites for harmony, justice, peace, respect for peoples’ rights, freedom of dialogues of cultures, and submission to persons in authority. Flores also focused on love for the city, care for the environment and issues on water, garbage, parking spaces and the rumored shutdown.

There should be no bribery, nor slander when the campaign period begins, he added.

Flores further said that Baguio residents’ human resources are integral part of the city, not just its physical attributes, noting the city’s reputation for honest blue-collared employees and the like.

Assistant City Human Resource and Management Officer Edith Dawaten spoke about the Christian’s social obligation through involvement for values restoration: the right choice, experiences which entail change in life and accepted challenges.

BBEG leader Pastor Abraham Luis prayed for the mid-year elections, for leaders with a sense of commitment in different issue including urbanization and globalization. We hunger for real leaders, wise and educated in the political arena, yet “conscienceful” and guided by God’s divine hand, thus a higher power above all. Luis emphasized.

The presentation of candidates was followed by a prayer through all those present.

The signing of the integrity certificate happens on a later date, it was known.-juliegfianza