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boarding houses face lock-up for violations

BAGUIO CITY – Boarding houses with violations as to the building code, fire safety measures, and sanitation code shall be locked up, Mayor Mauricio Domogan pointed out during the regular media Ugnayan last week.
Baguio, as educational center of the north caters to an increasing number of students resulting to a demand for accommodation facilities; boarding houses, apartments and dormitories.With schools and colleges’ opening this week, students are expected to fill available housing facilities.
Earlier, Mayor Domogan issued Administrative Order 65, s. of 2012 creating a committee to inspect students’ dormitories and apartments.
“In order to maintain a peaceful, orderly and safe environment for students in the city, there is a need to regularly inspect the accommodation facilities to comply with existing laws, rules and regulations as to safety, health and sanitation, structural integrity set forth by applicable laws in the Philippines,” the AO states.
Personnel from Bureau of Fire Prevention and Safety - City Office (BFPS), City Buildings and Architecture Office (CBAO), Health Services Office (HSO), and Public Order and Safety Division (POSD) were assigned to the inspection team.
The BFPS representative shall check on the compliance of boarding house owners to Republic Act 9514 or Fire Code of the Philippines; the CBAO personnel verifies compliance to Presidential Decree 1096 of the National Building code of the Philippines, and the HSO personnel shall ensure compliance to P.D. 856, the Health and Sanitation Code of the Philippines.
The POSD personnel monitors and shall oversee the compliance to all pertinent laws of agencies concerned.
The inspection team has confirmed of a boarding house’ closure due to violations, the mayor said, but will continue to do rounds specially near the university belt.
“We have to assure the safety of students, specially those from far places, while they are here to study,” the mayor said.-juliegfianza

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