Baguio orchestra, funding proposed

Local potentials in music, arts and culture would be recognized and have more exposure opportunities once the proposed ordinances authored by Councilors Edgar Avila and Faustino Olowan are approved.

Councilor Avila is batting for the establishment, institutionalizing, developing and maintaining a world-class Baguio City Philharmonic Orchestra. This would put Baguio in the arts and culture map, in addition to it being the north’s education center and character city, Avila said.

Taking the cue from three student orchestra which perform regularly during special occasions and celebrations, Avila said the city should have an official orchestra with homegrown talents. The group would be led by an artistic musical director with a fixed term of three years, chosen by a 5-man team from the National Center for Culture and Arts (NCCA), the proposal reads. The musical director selects the concert master section heads and musicians, it was known.

The orchestra would help “foster patriotism and nationalism, accelerate social program and promote human liberty and development,” the proposal further read.

The musical group also would generate revenues through fund-raising during regular performances, and help in continuing programs of professional training and development of musicians and conductors.

Avila said local musical group would “develop the musical identity of Baguio music,” and promote the public’s greater awareness and appreciation of the performing arts,” as well as “effective and efficient performing arts management.”

The city could help through project grants, researches, documentation and production programs, with a P3M fund for all the supporting activities, but with options to solicit and receive donations.

Councilor Olowan, on the other hand, proposed for P200,000, from the City Development Fund (CDF) for the establishment, assistance and support for the Baguio City Musical orchestra; dompsoed of the city’s “talented,” and some, “undiscovered talents.” These are our “hope of the fatherland,” the future generation,” who persevere to uplift the moral of their schools, family and community” through worthwhile activities.

Olowan echoed Avila’s request that the Baguio Convention Center be used for the group’s rehearsals and performances. - juliegfianza