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Baguio Defenders land overall in National TKD tourney

Baguio’s Taekwondo jins once again topped over-all standing in the Smart National Poomsae Championships Sunday (July 22) at the Ninoy Aquino Stadium in Metro Manila.

The Smart National Poomsae (forms) Taekwondo Championships is an event organized by the Philippine Taekwondo Association (PTA) and sponsored by Smart Communications Inc., PLDT, Milo, MVP Sports Foundation and the Philippine Sports Commission (PSC).

More or less 1,400 participants came to the prestigious event in the sport of Taekwondo from the three main islands of the country; Luzon, Visayas and Mindanao and competed in five major events namely; individual standard poomsae, pair and team free style, synchronized and creative poomsae.

Poomsae is a Korean word for forms where participants display their techniques and style in attack and defense showing every basic aspect of the art like control, balance, concentration, coordination and power.

The participants were classified into teams comprising children (13 and below), juniors (14 to 17) and senior (18 and above).

The different Taekwondo Chapters, Ateneo, San Sebastian College, UP, San Beda College, De La Salle Zobel, De la Salle University, Koren Taekwondo Committee (KCT), Pangasinan, UTA-Tigers, La Union, Cebu, Baguio and other teams all started strong during the competitions.

It was only in the final rounds that Baguio showed dominance by eliminating their opponents and finishing with the mints in the grueling match-ups.

Team Baguio started medal haul in Individual standard poomsae which was dominated by the Defenders Dojang coached by Arnold Oglayon.

Among the gold haulers are Gene Gil Sario(Hope), Zeik Jhay Ceniza (Sped), Jason Cesar Tagacay (Camp 4), Jeremy Siplat (Camp 4), Marc Jaime Bayubay (Small World Academy), Kriszna Chaitania Liporada (UB Science High), Benjamin Daniel Sembrano (UB Prep High School) and Cyndi Tumlayen (UB).

Baguio UFC’s Van Bernard Emboltorio (UCCP) coached by Melvin Morte added another gold mint.

The silver medalist in the same event are UB Defenders Joel Casem, Briar Rose Ann Deyan, Lorenzo Casem, Jamila Maryse Rillorta (UB Science High), Rama Chandra Liporada (UB Elem), Jessa Tumlayen (UB Elem), Eiron Biscocho (UB) and UFC’s Shernille Licud (Saint Louis School Center).

For the bronze in individual standard poomsae are Baguio Defenders Nathaniel Dinangan (Camp 4), Richard Ulat (Small World Academy), Arriana Rocel Badando (UB), Stephen Marcus Bamba, George Cabanlig, Yenyen Jay Magalong (UB), Mambi Fuchigami (UB), John Manuel Raymundo (UB) and UFC’s Larissa Austine Dy (Small World Christian Academy), CJ Calpito (SLU), Michael Macario (Pines City National High School), Alfritz Arevalo (SLU-LHS), Wiliza Maure (Quezon Elementary School) and Xaphrine Rivera (SLU-LES).

Bravehearts dojang coached by Danrey Velo added two more bronze medals from John Kim Pasion (BSU) and John Gregory Asiong (BSU).

Gold medalist in group poomsae are Defenders Jamila Maryse Rillorta, Jesse Caryl Siplat and Jaiza Cayle Siplat.

Defender’s group Loidcel Poyaoan- Mambi Fuchigami-George Cabanlig, Krizelle Therese Yadao-Mary Ceniza Quiambao-Angelica Joyce Gaw also added silver in Baguio’s arsenal while Defender’s Ejay Dongbo-Stephen Marcus Bamba-Yenyen Jay Magalong, Marc Jaime Bayubay-Jessa Tumlayen-Levin Josh Agyamoc and Joefel Galera-Kriszna Chaitania Liporada-Ma. Kaye Shanelle Romuar settled for bronze.

UFC Baguio took home the gold in synchronized poomsae with members Kieffer Alilis (Mabini Elem. School), Cody Alilis (Mabini Elem.School), Ayesha Alilis (Mabini Elem. School), Wiliza Maure (Quezon Elem. School), Xaphrine Rivera (SLU-LES), Michael Macario (Pines City National High School) and Alfritz Arevalo (SLU-LHS) while GB Sports coached by Gilbert Balancar added bronze in the same event and silver in creative poomsae with members Jerimei Tabisula (Yeunsoo - St. Jude International School), Jan Dominique San Diego (Yeunsoo - St. Jude International School), Monique Ato (Yeunsoo - St. Jude International School), Frederick T. Nidusa (UC) and Kaye Portia Duday (Baguio City National High School).

UFC in the other hand settled for bronze in creative Poomsae with members Fernand Delizo (UC), Jeordan Dominguez (UB), John Astrologio (Baguio City National High School), Colleen Heria (SLU-LHS) and Angel Louis Dy( Small World Christian Academy).

The UB Defenders brought home the over-all championship crown for the biggest medal haul in all events while the Baguio delegation garnered a total of 26 golds, 19 silvers, 35 bronze medals.

The country has also produced bronze medalists in the World Taekwondo Poomsae Championships with elite Filipino athletes Camille Alarilla, Rani Ortega and Janice Lagman. ***paul rillorta

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