Another firm interested in Ganza parking site

The city government received another proposal from a private company wanting to put up a multi-legal parking building within the Ganza parking area to help provide for available parking areas within the central business district area.

The latest proposal to put up a multi-level parking structure within the limited area of the Ganza parking area was presented by Alter Energy, an addition to the three earlier proposals that were submitted by the companies that signified their intention to build the parking structure through the public-private partnership (PPP).

Baguio-based Arch. Raffy G. Chan said the proposed area where the parking building will be constructed will be limited to the Ganza parking area that will include the portion of the Ganza restaurant where the 8-storey structure will be built.

He pointed out the proponent will not be including the Igorot Park and the occupied stalls as part of  the proposed structure as the two major areas will remain but will put up additional floors above the said areas.

Based on the initial plan presented to city officials last Monday, the proposed 8-storey structure can accommodate close to 1,000 motor vehicles, 30 motorcycles and 20 public utility jeepneys while the additional floors above the Igorot Park and lechon manok areas will mean additional more or less 400 vehicles.

Chan disclosed the company estimated the project to cost some P590 million if the same will be limited to the Ganza parking and restaurant areas and it could be completed within 12 to 15 months depending on conditions that may be imposed by the city government for the prosecution of the said project.

According to him, the project will use green architecture where the structure will have a roof deck that could be converted into a multipurpose area surrounded by grasses and trees that will be grown to add up to the beauty and the ambience of the place.

The city government is embarking on the put up of pay-parking structures in strategic areas in the city to provide motorists with parking spaces and lessen the occurrence of traffic congestions due to parked vehicles on the sides of the roads, among other reasons.

The put up of the proposed parking structures is part of the identified strategies to achieve one of the present administration’s 15-point agenda on aggressive traffic management.

One of the reasons for the traffic congestions in most parts of the central business district is the alleged lack of parking spaces that compel motor vehicle owners to simply park their vehicles on the sides of the roads that constrict the smooth flow of vehicular traffic in the said areas. - Dexter A. See