Air quality improves

After stringent monitoring of 19 air sampling locations around the city, data in 2015 and 2016 from the Wastewater, water and air ambient management division (WAMD) of the City Environment and Parks Management Office (CEPMO) shows an improved air quality.

In a report, Engr. Moises Lozano presented the 11 of the 19 sampling locations with readings corresponding to “Good” air quality: City boundary at Bell Church, Burnham Park, Convergys at Camp John Hay, mile-hi at Camp John Hay, City Social Welfare and Development Office, Diplomat Heritage Hotel, Igorot Garden at Burnham Park, Kabayanihan Barangay, Mines View, Naguilian road, Pacdal circle.

Areas with “Fair” air rating are: Baguio City Police Office vicinity, Bakakeng central, Camp 7, Happy Homes Old Lucban, Malcolm square, UP Baguio circle, Upper Session road, Veterans Park along Harrison road.

Over-all, data shows an improvement of the city’s air quality.

In 2015 and 2014; 8 and 5 areas garnered a “good” rating, respectively, with air ambience measuring machines used completely only in 2015.

According to Lozano, air quality as measured in different areas are affected by waste fumes, dust, vulcanizing and repair shops, smoke from vehicles, paint scraping and repainting.

Particles from the given activities; dust, pollen, soot, smoke and liquid droplets could make up suspended Particulate Matter (PM) which the CEPMO ambient air machine measures.

The scores are classified as “good,” “fair,” “unhealthy,” “very unhealthy,” “acutely unhealthy,” and “emergency.” “Good” and “fair” poses no threat to individuals, but the other ratings requires care for unhealthy persons, and restrictions on the use of vehicles to lessen exhaust. – juliegfianza with reports from the WAMD, CEPMO