City Jail Warden's Office (Male) - FAQ (Frequently Asked Questions)


Where are we going to pass our application for BJMP?

Please submit your application form personally at the BJMP Regional Office-CAR, 2/F Baguio City District Jail Building, 104 Abanao St., Baguio City (Beside BCPO Station 7) or any other BJMP Regional Offices.

Who are the authorized visitors of inmates?

To address the proliferation of contrabands inside the jail, only immediate family members are allowed to enter during visiting hours.Specified herein are classified as immediate family members;
Spouse, parent or child, brother or sister, grandparent or grandchild, uncle or aunt, nephew or niece and guardian or ward.
*We implement no valid ID no entry for purpose of verification.

What is the visiting shedule?

Due to the limited space of our jail facility, the following visiting schedule is being practiced
For inmates confined in Post 1,2 and 3 (Dorm 1 - 18) - Tuesday, Thursday and Saturday(Family Day)
For inmates confined in Post 4 and 5 (Dorm 19 - 28) - Wednesday, Friday and Sunday (Family Day)
No visit on Mondays.