City Buildings and Architecture Office - FAQ (Frequently Asked Questions)


What are the needed requirements in applying for Permits (Building Permit, Occupancy Permit, Other Permits)?

1. Click on the "Downloadable Files/Forms" on the right side of the screen.
2. Read the instructions carefully and download the files needed.
3. Accomplish all required documents on the checklist provided.
4. Submit accomplished documents together with the forms downloaded.

How to file compliant against illegal structures/encroachment of property/ etc.?

1. Write a letter of Complaint addressed to:
City Government Department Head II
City Building Official
City Buildings and Architecture Office
Utility Rd., DPS Compound, Baguio City
2. Write in detail the nature of complaint.
3. DO NOT FORGET TO WRITE YOUR NAME AND YOUR CONTACT NUMBER (To be contacted in cases of inspection and Investigation)

How to request for Temporary Sign Permit

1. Get an endorsement letter from Mayor's Office.2.
2. Get clearance from the Department of Public Works and Highways.

When are Demolitions scheduled (for illegal structures)?

1. Schedules of demolition will be done by the Engineer in-charge.

How to follow up on Permit Applications?

1. You may contact our office directly on the given contact information below:
Call: 442-2503/443-9239
Or you may visit us at:
Utility Rd., DPS Compound, Baguio City