BAC Publications - Infrastructure (Notice of Awards)

Title Post datesort ascending Uploaded files
9940-18-63F Restoration of Pathway with Riprap Near Nueva's Residence c/o CEO (LCRB) at Kias April 24, 2019
8918-18-011 Construction of Multi-Purpose Hall at Purok 2 (Phase I) c/o CBAO (SCRB) at Happy Hallow April 24, 2019
9940-18-3 Slope Protection and Aidening of Road at Purok 1 c/o CEO (SCRB) at Balsigan April 24, 2019
8918-18-203 Riprapping the Basketball Court Wall Adjacent to the Senior Citizen's Garden at Purok 12 c/o CEO (LCRB) at Lower Pinget April 24, 2019
8918-18-065/8918-18-064 A. Road Rehabilitation, Riprap and Road Concreting Along Barangay Road at Purok 3 from Villa Editha to Fair Breeze Compound c/o CEO; and b. Road Improvement at Purok 3 c/o CEO (SCRB) at Bakakeng Norte/Sur April 24, 2019
8721-18-017 Improvement of Dog Pound Facilities c/o CBAO (SCRB) at Slaughterhouse Compound April 24, 2019
7611-16-011 Rehabilitation of Youth Home and Family Resource Center c/o CBAO (LCRB) at Kayang Street April 24, 2019
DOH-TF-17-002 Repair / Renovation of Engineer's Hill Health Center c/o CBAO (LCRB) at ENgineer's Hill Health Center April 24, 2019
9940-18-63 Repair and Restoration of Collapsed Roadside Retaining Wall, Purok IV-B Near Caoili's Residence c/o CEO (LCRB) at Lucnab April 24, 2019
8751-17-009 Repair and Rehabilitation of Slope Protection at Entrance of Atok Trail c/o CEO (LCRB) at Atok Trail April 24, 2019